Apr 2, 2009

The White Coffin

Let reduce the use of polystyrene containers and the non-recyclable containers. why? click title for fullpost

there are two main reasons why we need to reduce this polystyrene containers usage.

as we all already know that this polystyrene material cannot be decompose and it will take hundreds of years before it can be degraded. therefore it will consume a lot of space in our lovely landfill. which mean that our beloved landfills will fill up very fast. and soon we will have more landfills. ----hip hip hooray! isnt it fun? instead of parks, we build more landfills for our next generation to enjoy...

the more we use polystyrene containers the more solids waste produced. the more solids waste produced the more landfill we need...----faham?

to produce polystyrene, they need to add a specific chemical reagent and it's called styrene. studies shows that styrene can be a possible carcinogen. Carcinogen? ---brief input..carcinogen is refer to any substance that can promote cancer. the more you use polystyrene as your food containers, the higher risk for you to die because of cancer. great huh?

as an alternative route.

don't do takeout....especially at ane's and kiah's. No more Tapow. Just eat your food there. but if u still insist to have takeout, just bring your own containers. Jgn la plak ko bawak polistrene sendiri! itu xder maknanya....

this also applied for polystyrene cup, bowl, apa lagi..semua yang ada polystyrene la...and more thing, also reduce the usage of plastic containers because it also take hundreds of years to degrade...huuuuuuhuhuuhu..

p/s: don't do takeout? it's gonna tough lor...huhuhuhu..still try to work on it. i'll do my best...no body perfect. :)


HuRuL_Aini said...

Jgn la plak ko bawak polistrene sendiri! itu xder maknanya....


neway, aku bawa bekal pegi keja...jimat & xde polistrin...hehe

||| PöJìé PööH ||| said...

bagus la P3tani!
pasni masing² pakat gi bw tupperware sndiri yer klo nk bli nasi lemak tiap2 pagi..
nk bawa yang besor la..

jgn lupa saper nk wat party pesan kat jemputan bw pinggan dan cawan sndri..
no more polestrin ok!

rizz said...

say no to polestrin hihiii

ayin said...

good information..
i also want to share this information in my blog...
it's hard to replace polystrene with tupperware,
but we should try our best..save our environment and good for our health